Professionalism in Animal Care & Control

The 2018 Annual GACCA Training conference

Join the Georgia Animal Care & Control Association for our annual conference in Tifton, Georgia - March 1st & 2nd.  The theme of our conference this year will be Officer Safety, Dog Fighting, and Canine Behavior & Aggression.​​

Animal Care & Control isn't just about Animal Control Officers, it extends to those outside our field who assist us in our everyday duties, this year we are extending an invitation with credit hours to any Law enforcement personnel who would like to attend. 

  • Unify job titles
  • Work to mandate state certification for ACO's
  • Continual state-wide training
  • Maintain an informational center
  • Help to standardize laws & ordinances
  • Identify salary disparities in situations where responsibilities are the same or similar

What we do?

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