Every year, The Georgia Animal Care & Control Association holds their annual training conference.  These conferences are usually centered around one particular topic that ACO's and others in the field of Animal Welfare would like to see covered.  

GACCA has made the Macon farmers market their home for our yearly training conference, typically held the first Thursday and Friday of March each year. 

GACCA Training

The Georgia animal care & control association

Animal Control is a professional vocation and we must treat it as such.  We must never take it for granted, nor light heartedly, whether we are employed by a private or governmental agency.

​Our Theme, "UNITED FOR PROGRESS" is a prophetic overview of what can and will be when all Animal Control/Animal Care Personnel come together in one mind and one accord to become professionals in this vocation.

The rewards are unlimited for highly skilled people; therefore, we must be better trained, better educated, and better qualified.  Unified and with elevated, skilled levels, Animal Control personnel, and the animals in our care, will certainly have a better chance of reaping the benefits of our efforts. 

​We must always keep a high emphasis on education and training.  G.A.C.A. is committed to doing just that.Please join us in our effort to:"PROFESSIONALIZE ANIMAL CONTROL"

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